Lydia's Log

Dylan keeps pestering us to log our adventures or whatever.

This is what happened on Jianyin:

Found a place called Edgar’s Ale that had halfway decent drink. Edgar himself heard we were looking for work. Told us about some trouble he was having. Honestly, I wasn’t much listening. But soon enough his trouble walks through the door. Name of Yun Ju. And a dozen or so of her gun boys.

Then it all goes south. One of her boys wings me. I manage to stun another one with a kicked stool before he gets a shot off. But they’ve all got their guns trained on me.

But I have grenades.

Which shakes ‘em up a mite.

Of course at this point our Mo Min Chi Meow doctor comes and fusses over the scratch on my arm while I’m trying to keep those thugs from killing everyone I know.

But it don’t take much for me to gun ‘em all down anyway.

Yun Ju surrenders. Swears it was a “misunderstanding,” of course. Now that she’s by her lonesome. But Doc ain’t having none of that. After a bit of a scuffle, lawmen finally show. But I have a Jing tsai story, and they tell us to be on our way.

Edgar and his girl Meifen (who, I have to say, wasn’t unhelpful in taking down Yun Ju’s pack of thugs) need to get to Paquin because… I don’t know. I still wasn’t listening.


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