Lydia Hodges

Gun-toting liar



Agility: d8
Strength: d10
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

LP 14
Initiative: d8+d6
Endurance: d6+d6
Resistance: d6+d6


Athletics d4

Guns d6

  • Assault Rifles d10
  • Pistols d8
  • Gunsmithing d8

Perception d6

Heavy Weapons d4

Melee Weapons d6

Ranged Weapons d4

Unarmed Combat d6


Fightin’ Type [Major]
One additional non-attack action per combat turn without penalty

Cortex Specter [Minor]
Cortex search only reveals name and birth.
+8 difficulty to other attempting to dig up info

Tough as Nails [Minor]
+2 LP

Mean Left Hook [Minor]
Unarmed attacks inflict Basic damage [split between Stun and Wound] rather than Stun damage


Forked Tongue [Minor]
Compulsive liar.
-4 step Skill penalty when trying to convince people who know she’s a liar

Deadly Enemy [Minor]
Could pose threat every 3-5 adventures at GM’s discretion.
Can’t be bought off. If he dies, he could always have a brother, best friend, etc. to carry on grudge.

Memorable [Minor]
Others get +2 step Alertness bonus when attempting to spot/recognize her

Chip on the Shoulder [Minor]
-2 step Skill penalty to all peaceable social actions with even a hint of tension

Ego Signature [Minor]
Lydia leaves badly-made origami at the scenes of her crimes.
Although it doesn’t give away her identity, it does help others track her movements or possibly even frame her.


Lydia Hodges (52) was born on Whitefall, one of Athens’ moons.

It is unclear if she was ever on the planet again.

Or on any other planet for that matter.

The last act of disgraced fed, Harry Lee, before he was cast out of the Federal Marshals was to remove Lydia’s records from the cortex.

It is said he wanted to hunt her down himself, although his reasons for this are unknown.

If you ask about any of this, Lydia will lie heavily.

In fact, she’ll lie to you about basically anything.

If one were to compile a list of her aliases, it would span several pages.

Lydia Hodges

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