Harvey Buckler

Esteemed Doctor



Agility: d8
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d6


Athletics: d6
Fencing: d8

Medical Expertise: d6
Surgery: d10
General Practice: d10

Perception: d6

Melee Weapons: d6
Swords: d10


Moneyed Individual (Major)
You have this strange ability to just pull money straight out of your ass, or so it seems.

Highly Educated (Minor)
+2 step bonus to Intelligence

Talented (Minor)
+2 step bonus to Medical skill

Steady Calm (Minor)
+2 step bonus to Willpower during those tense situations

Friends in High Places (Minor)
Once per game, spend one plot point to call in a favor or secure a loan


Credo (Major)
Someone needs a doctor, you are there. Even that guy you just slashed in the face with that fancy sword of yours.

Deadly Enemy (Minor)
Blue Sun hates to see a valued employee go. Especially one who knows the company

Loyal (Minor)
You would do anything for a friend. Anything.

Amorous (Minor)
Can’t Resist a Hottie: -2 step penalty Willpower
Ouch! Not Interested: -2 step penalty Influence

Overconfident (Minor)
Don’t got the skill? No problem! You can definitely handle it.


Born from an affluent family. Harvey studied in the best schools and was know numerous high-social and underground groups. He met Martin McMurdock in medical school and helped Harvey pass, which left him indebted and strengthened their relationship. When Dylan’s father died he promised him he would take care of her and the ship.

Harvey Buckler

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