Lydia's Log

So we get to Paquin. Local time’s late, so we dock and eat dinner onboard. Edgar comes in from the hold and says there’s a crate there he ain’t seen before.

Sure enough, tucked in amongst all his supplies is an unmarked crate.

Of course, I’m the only one brave enough to open it. At first it looks to be full of straw and paper. Then we come across a cube. Silver. Palm-size. ‘Bout 30lbs. No one’s sure what to do about it, so Dylan, Meifen, and me all head to the nearest bar and start speculating.

Two drinks in and these two ugly bastards come up to us asking what we’re talking about. We tell them to Gwon Ni Tze Jee Duh Shr, but the bald one socks me in the face. Luckily, he punches like a Bei Bi Shiou Ren. And once my gun is drawn, he and his moustachioed friend back right off.

Next day, we all head into town. Edgar’s got to… do whatever Edgar came here to do. Harvey’s looking for someone know’s something about our mystery cube.

Dylan decides to tag along while I look for a decent plate vest. I’ve been teaching her how to shoot, so she wants to look at guns. She asks a lot of questions, but I don’t mind talking about weapons.

She also lifts a pile of flashbang grenades, which was pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

We all meet up back at the ship. Edgar, Lodani, and Meifen seem to have gotten into a tussle with the two guys from the bar. Harvey says some old man wants a picture of the cube. There’s a lot of talk about whether to let him see it or not and whether to sell it or not and whether to sell it here or not. I guess someone decides it’s best to hide it because that’s what we do.

Next morning, everybody gets dressed up all fancible to go see Meifen dance at the festival. Edgar’s got hisself a booth set up and gives us a round for free. Dylan’s attached herself to Lodani. Things are alright.

Until someone shoots Edgar.

‘Course, he’s Edgar, so he’s fine, but still.

Once the festival crowds panic and flee, we get a good look at who we’re up against. There’s a bearded man with a scar still aiming his smoking pistol at Edgar. The moustache from the bar is with him along with about 10 other guns. Seems like Yun Ju has packs of ‘em all over the damn ‘verse.

Before I can even draw, Meifen leaps off the stage and KOs the bearded man. One hit. He’s down. Another hit. He’s dead.

And everyone starts shooting. One of the guns dings my new armour, so I fill him with holes. Dylan hands me a grenade, but there’s nowhere to throw it with everyone so close, so I stick with my pistols and make short work of the pack of ‘em.

All but one, at least. Doc makes to finish her off with his sword, but Dylan stops him and asks her what her story is.

Says she’s working for Blue Sun, which is all I need to hear. I find a flyer for the festival and start folding while the others get the rest of the story out of her. I guess Dylan hears something she doesn’t like because next thing I know, the gun girl’s knocked out. I drop a crane in her pocket before we head back to the ship.


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