My Second Job!!

(things just keep getting worse!!)

After we finished our business on Whitefall, we picked up a mail carrier job and passengers on Regina and dropped off Harvey. There was this married couple names Maryann and Lyle Young, a scary person (not as scary as Lydia) named May Wang, an incredibly weird doctor named Luna Mort, and a buhn dahn wu toh wu now named Frank O’Toole and they were all heading for the Space Bazaar Skyplex.

Things were going well at first. Lydia has been teaching me how to defend myself if I get in a fight, and Nico showed me how to use a gun. It makes me really nervous thinking about actually shooting somebody or getting into a real fight. I guess it’s good stuff to know, I just hope I never have to actually “test my knowledge”.

Then we stopped about halfway for gas and everything still seemed to be going smooth until Maryann had to go and drop dead. Apparently she ate a poisoned Fruity Oaty Bar™ and died pretty instantly. That’s what Dr. Strange said happened, anyway.

So now we have a potential murderer on our boat and we have to figure out who it is. After questioning Lyle and May, we find out that Maryann’s parents owned a big farm and just about everyone in town worked for them. And they recently laid off a bunch of people, making them very unpopular. Not that they were popular to begin with, since they were rich folk who thought they were better than everyone else.

Then, to make matters worse, Lyle gets shot dead right in our cargo bay. May and Frank were found both pointing guns at each other. Lydia and Nico tried to get things under control and locked them up in quarters. But then Frank killed himself with the same poison used in the Fruity Oaty Bar™. So Frank was definitely the killer all along. I guess he was just sore his parents lost their jobs at the farm and took it upon himself to COMPLETELY OVERREACT. I don’t know. Maybe there’s more to the story. I guess we’ll never know.

We altered course for Newhall to get rid of the bodies. We barely had enough gas to get there, but, fortunately, I was able to gather enough money from our now deceased (and smelly) passengers to fill up when we reached the Kalidasa system. We found a remote place on Newhall to land and Nico wrapped up the bodies and threw them through the engine intake. Only, a lawman happened to be passing by for god knows what reason and saw the whole thing! I don’t know how, but Nico convinced him that we were disposing chuánwěi cuz our waste extraction systems was broke. The chwen joo actually believed us and let us go.

We finally made it to the Space Bazaar and dropped off May and the mail, filled up our tank, and left as soon as possible. That lawman must’ve reported us suspicious, or something, because we were definitely being watched. We left for Jianyin to lie low and look for work. I was able to sell a case of our extra nutrient bars for a pretty decent amount, but we’ll need to find a way to make more than that if we want to afford to get away from here. Not sure how we’re gonna pull it off.


circuitsmaximus IGNITION07

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