Lydia's Log

So we get to Paquin. Local time’s late, so we dock and eat dinner onboard. Edgar comes in from the hold and says there’s a crate there he ain’t seen before.

Sure enough, tucked in amongst all his supplies is an unmarked crate.

Of course, I’m the only one brave enough to open it. At first it looks to be full of straw and paper. Then we come across a cube. Silver. Palm-size. ‘Bout 30lbs. No one’s sure what to do about it, so Dylan, Meifen, and me all head to the nearest bar and start speculating.

Two drinks in and these two ugly bastards come up to us asking what we’re talking about. We tell them to Gwon Ni Tze Jee Duh Shr, but the bald one socks me in the face. Luckily, he punches like a Bei Bi Shiou Ren. And once my gun is drawn, he and his moustachioed friend back right off.

Next day, we all head into town. Edgar’s got to… do whatever Edgar came here to do. Harvey’s looking for someone know’s something about our mystery cube.

Dylan decides to tag along while I look for a decent plate vest. I’ve been teaching her how to shoot, so she wants to look at guns. She asks a lot of questions, but I don’t mind talking about weapons.

She also lifts a pile of flashbang grenades, which was pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

We all meet up back at the ship. Edgar, Lodani, and Meifen seem to have gotten into a tussle with the two guys from the bar. Harvey says some old man wants a picture of the cube. There’s a lot of talk about whether to let him see it or not and whether to sell it or not and whether to sell it here or not. I guess someone decides it’s best to hide it because that’s what we do.

Next morning, everybody gets dressed up all fancible to go see Meifen dance at the festival. Edgar’s got hisself a booth set up and gives us a round for free. Dylan’s attached herself to Lodani. Things are alright.

Until someone shoots Edgar.

‘Course, he’s Edgar, so he’s fine, but still.

Once the festival crowds panic and flee, we get a good look at who we’re up against. There’s a bearded man with a scar still aiming his smoking pistol at Edgar. The moustache from the bar is with him along with about 10 other guns. Seems like Yun Ju has packs of ‘em all over the damn ‘verse.

Before I can even draw, Meifen leaps off the stage and KOs the bearded man. One hit. He’s down. Another hit. He’s dead.

And everyone starts shooting. One of the guns dings my new armour, so I fill him with holes. Dylan hands me a grenade, but there’s nowhere to throw it with everyone so close, so I stick with my pistols and make short work of the pack of ‘em.

All but one, at least. Doc makes to finish her off with his sword, but Dylan stops him and asks her what her story is.

Says she’s working for Blue Sun, which is all I need to hear. I find a flyer for the festival and start folding while the others get the rest of the story out of her. I guess Dylan hears something she doesn’t like because next thing I know, the gun girl’s knocked out. I drop a crane in her pocket before we head back to the ship.

Lydia's Log

Dylan keeps pestering us to log our adventures or whatever.

This is what happened on Jianyin:

Found a place called Edgar’s Ale that had halfway decent drink. Edgar himself heard we were looking for work. Told us about some trouble he was having. Honestly, I wasn’t much listening. But soon enough his trouble walks through the door. Name of Yun Ju. And a dozen or so of her gun boys.

Then it all goes south. One of her boys wings me. I manage to stun another one with a kicked stool before he gets a shot off. But they’ve all got their guns trained on me.

But I have grenades.

Which shakes ‘em up a mite.

Of course at this point our Mo Min Chi Meow doctor comes and fusses over the scratch on my arm while I’m trying to keep those thugs from killing everyone I know.

But it don’t take much for me to gun ‘em all down anyway.

Yun Ju surrenders. Swears it was a “misunderstanding,” of course. Now that she’s by her lonesome. But Doc ain’t having none of that. After a bit of a scuffle, lawmen finally show. But I have a Jing tsai story, and they tell us to be on our way.

Edgar and his girl Meifen (who, I have to say, wasn’t unhelpful in taking down Yun Ju’s pack of thugs) need to get to Paquin because… I don’t know. I still wasn’t listening.

My Second Job!!
(things just keep getting worse!!)

After we finished our business on Whitefall, we picked up a mail carrier job and passengers on Regina and dropped off Harvey. There was this married couple names Maryann and Lyle Young, a scary person (not as scary as Lydia) named May Wang, an incredibly weird doctor named Luna Mort, and a buhn dahn wu toh wu now named Frank O’Toole and they were all heading for the Space Bazaar Skyplex.

Things were going well at first. Lydia has been teaching me how to defend myself if I get in a fight, and Nico showed me how to use a gun. It makes me really nervous thinking about actually shooting somebody or getting into a real fight. I guess it’s good stuff to know, I just hope I never have to actually “test my knowledge”.

Then we stopped about halfway for gas and everything still seemed to be going smooth until Maryann had to go and drop dead. Apparently she ate a poisoned Fruity Oaty Bar™ and died pretty instantly. That’s what Dr. Strange said happened, anyway.

So now we have a potential murderer on our boat and we have to figure out who it is. After questioning Lyle and May, we find out that Maryann’s parents owned a big farm and just about everyone in town worked for them. And they recently laid off a bunch of people, making them very unpopular. Not that they were popular to begin with, since they were rich folk who thought they were better than everyone else.

Then, to make matters worse, Lyle gets shot dead right in our cargo bay. May and Frank were found both pointing guns at each other. Lydia and Nico tried to get things under control and locked them up in quarters. But then Frank killed himself with the same poison used in the Fruity Oaty Bar™. So Frank was definitely the killer all along. I guess he was just sore his parents lost their jobs at the farm and took it upon himself to COMPLETELY OVERREACT. I don’t know. Maybe there’s more to the story. I guess we’ll never know.

We altered course for Newhall to get rid of the bodies. We barely had enough gas to get there, but, fortunately, I was able to gather enough money from our now deceased (and smelly) passengers to fill up when we reached the Kalidasa system. We found a remote place on Newhall to land and Nico wrapped up the bodies and threw them through the engine intake. Only, a lawman happened to be passing by for god knows what reason and saw the whole thing! I don’t know how, but Nico convinced him that we were disposing chuánwěi cuz our waste extraction systems was broke. The chwen joo actually believed us and let us go.

We finally made it to the Space Bazaar and dropped off May and the mail, filled up our tank, and left as soon as possible. That lawman must’ve reported us suspicious, or something, because we were definitely being watched. We left for Jianyin to lie low and look for work. I was able to sell a case of our extra nutrient bars for a pretty decent amount, but we’ll need to find a way to make more than that if we want to afford to get away from here. Not sure how we’re gonna pull it off.

My First Job!

Okay, so my 16th birthday was last month and apparently it’s a big deal cuz my mom said it was my “suite 16” or whatever. Anyway, my mom gave me ownership of the ship we’d been fixing up!! I named it “Dahlia”. I hired my own pilot cuz I spent so much time learning how to fix this thing that I never had a chance to learn how to fly it! Her name’s Aeria Solista. And my mom insisted Harvey come along on my first job ‘case things don’t go smooth. HA! What an understatement. I’ll get to that, though.

So I picked up a job from this Blue Sun rep. All I had to do was fly her and her cargo to Athens. Simple, right? Anyway, I picked up some passengers at the Eavesdown Docks and then we went on our merry. Lemme see, our passengers were the Blue Sun rep (Claire Madison), some captainy type named Nico Liu Pang Lodani, some jerk named Rufus, and a fearsome looking lady named Lydia Hodges(???).

Everyone pretty much kept to themselves until dinner. Lodani came up to help me cook. All I had was some protein, though. It didn’t come out too bad. Dinner was kinda awkward. Nobody talked much. But after dinner Harvey wanted to talk to me private cuz apparently he used to work with Claire and he thought that there might be a problem and I thought that was weird but clearly it was a problem cuz the next thing I knew Claire grabbed me and put a gun up to my head and started yelling at Harvey and I was SO SCARED!!!

We were locked in Harvey’s room and I heard banging on the door and that made Claire mad which was also scary but then I think someone shot the door open? And then I guess everyone started shooting and I almost shat myself but then Harvey got his sword and then Claire let me go so I got the hell outta there as fast as I could!!

When things quieted down, I slowly made my way back over to see what was going on. It looked like everyone had everything under control. They were arguing about what to do with her and I guess they weren’t paying much attention because she managed to get away and head up toward the shuttle bay. I heard Lodani yell something about cutting power to the hangar bay so I ran down to the engine room as fast I could and went to blackout.

I sat in the dark for what seemed like a very long time. Then Aeria commed me to let me know I could turn it back on. It took me a minute cuz I couldn’t see anything. Someone told me to grab rope? I brought it up and they tied her up and locked her in the quarters Lodani was staying in. Then I guess we decided to open the cargo so I hacked into the locking mechanism AND THERE WERE BODY PARTS INSIDE!! Like, inside parts. I almost threw up.

Harvey found us a buyer for the guts and also found some guy to come take Claire off our hands. Which was a relief. First we dropped off Rufus on Athens, but Lodani and Lydia decided to stay when I offered them jobs. I figured I could use someone like Lydia incase we get into trouble again and Lodani seemed like someone who can get things done.

We met up with Billingsly on Whitefall and got rid of Claire (thank god!!!) and then set up a meeting with a doctor named Sarah (I think?) to sell the body bits. Unfortunately, we could only get a couple crates of grade a food stuffs and a small crate of fresh veggies and fruit. Then we fueled up and now we’re looking for our next job. Hope my mom doesn’t find out how much trouble I’ve gotten myself into. She’d probably take away my ship.


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