Nico Liu Pang Lodani




Agility: d6
Strength: d8
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d10


Athletics: d6

Discipline d6

Guns: d6
Energy Weapons: d8

Influence: d6
Leadership: d8

Melee Weapons: d4

Perception: d6
Hearing: d8

Pilot: d6
Mid-Bulk Transports: d8

Unarmed Combat: d6
Brawling: d8


Leadership (Minor)
Set a goal once per session; everyone gets +2 step bonus toward one action to complete goal.

Military Rank (Minor)
+2 step bonus to Willpower on discipline-based actions.

Cyber-Enhancement (Minor)
+2 step bonus to strength when using right arm.

Mean Left Hook (Minor)
That metal arm of yours inflicts basic damage rather than stun when you use it to rearrange somebody’s face.

Sharp Sense (Minor)
+2 step bonus to hearing.


Good Samaritan (Minor)
-2 step penalty to social rolls when dealing with someone who disagrees with your decision to betray the Alliance.

Deadly Enemy (Minor)
Admiral Nechayev of the Alliance cruiser I.A.V. Cortez will not rest until your treasonous ass is dead (or in prison).

Chip on the Shoulder (Minor)
-2 step penalty when attempting peaceable actions after less than kind remarks are made as to your character.

Slow Learner (Minor)
-2 step penalty when piloting; costs an additional 2 points to improve piloting skill. (It might help if you could actually see all those little readouts people keep claiming are there.)

Dull Sense (Minor)
-2 step penalty to alertness when sight is required.


Homeworld: Boros
Age: 38

Lodani was born on Boros but spent most of his childhood on its’ moon Ares, where his parents, Eris and Felix, worked in the shipyards. At sixteen, dreaming of designing ships for the Alliance, he took on an apprenticeship there.

After working just a few months, he was caught in an accident which left him down a right arm, and recovering from a head injury which permanently damaged his sight. An Alliance Commander took note of the boy’s tenacity and offered him the opportunity to enlist, with the promise of a shiny new cybernetic arm.

So enlist he did, and served well—with a flawless record, in fact—at least until he found himself trying to reconcile his ethics with the way the Alliance treated its’ critics. At the Battle of Du-Khang, Lodani, in an act of apparent treason, left his post to aid an Independent unit whose medic was killed. He fought with the Independents for the remainder of the Unification War, though never called himself a “Browncoat”, out of respect to those who’d been in the fight all along.

Since then, Lodani has been laying low, aware that there are there are some Alliance officials who aren’t quite satisfied with his method of resignation. In particular, his former commanding officer, Anton Nechayev, now an Admiral, has displayed a disturbing obsession with taking the good Captain down a peg.

In his personal life, Lodani never made the time for a romantic relationship. Though he fancies all manner of folk in theory, he’s not usually interested in casual sex, and can be oblivious to the advances of more amorous types.

Nico Liu Pang Lodani

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