Dylan McMurdock




Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d8


Athletics d2

Covert d2

Guns d2

Mechanical Engineering: d6
Machinery Maintenance: d10
Mechanical Repairs: d10

Melee Weapons d2

Perception: d6
Intuition: d8

Tech. Engineering: d6
Computer Programming: d8
Hacking: d10

Unarmed Combat d2


Talented (Major)
+2 skill step bonus

Mechanical Empathy (Minor)
Spend plot points: gain Intuition and +2 skill step bonus

Math Whiz (Minor)
+2 skill step bonus

Trustworthy Gut (Minor)
+2 skill step bonus; Intuition


Allergy (Minor)
-2 skill step penalty

Amorous (Minor)
-2 skill step

Filcher (Minor)
“Shiny! Don’t mind if I do.”

Lightweight (Minor)
-2 skill step; Vitality resist

Memorable (Minor)
Others gain +2 skill step bonus when identifying Dylan


Homeworld: Persephone
Age: 16

Dylan was raised in a nice house on Persephone. Her father, Dr. Martin McMurdock, died when she was only five, leaving her and her mother with a sizable inheritance. Dylan’s mother, Lien-hua, works as a local mechanic and taught Dylan everything she knows. Together, they worked on fixing up their old Kwai Su Nyao, even giving it a fresh paint job.

Now 16 years old, Dylan is ready to head out on her own. Only, she really isn’t ready. At all. The ’verse is a pretty scary place.

In addition to her mechanical skills, she has also taught herself how to get around a computer. She may or may not use these skills for less than honest (or legal) reasons. And she has a hard time resisting attractive people (or objects).

Dylan McMurdock

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